Bonbon Oiseau

Who is Bonbon?

[bonbon: {french}; sweet, a little candy, something good //  oiseau (wazoe) {french}; bird]

Artists & storytellers, always designers. {the bonbon oiseau workshop} is Deborah Stein, creating illustrations, paintings & embroideries, jewelry & adornment, creative experiences and other ethereal objects and ideas since 2004.

This pop-up shop shares with you artworks, limited-edition prints and small-run designs, handmade in the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement. Honoring traditions of artists and artisans around the world and inspired by old landscapes, the courage, fragility and epiphanies of heroes, daydreamers, adventurers and the people of the earth who would rather build villages out of love than walls out of hate. We respect the beautiful ways people have imagined their lives and told their truths with beauty and dignity since the first pigment was ground and the first bead was unearthed over 40,000 years ago. 

Everywhere we go we bring our paints and stacks of books. We talk to everyone and dig for new ways to think about old things. When the ideas come home to the N Y C workshop, we make art with love and humor. 

See more art here.

"To find & share beauty in all forms is an expression of our humanity." 

-Deborah Stein, 

Designer/Director/Namer of Things, Bonbon Oiseau Designs