• Image of Rhododendron Forest

Once, I lived in India for a year and a half and spent half my time in a beautiful town in the Gharwal Himalayas called Mussoorie, which, at the very top of the uppermost hill, beyond the Landour Cantonment and Sister's Bazaar, was a beautiful rhododendron forest with trees as tall as can be. I lived in a little house on a slope up there, looking down into the forest and I loved to go on walks deep into the valley to visit the little agricultural villages beyond the trees.
There was a local Gharwali legend that single men should not go into the forest unaccompanied, lest the fairies living inside the big blooms of the rhododendron trees steal their hearts. This one goes out to all those heart-stealing fairies.

This is a limited edition 8" x 10" archival giclée print.
Ships flat. Please allow 5-10 days for delivery!

Partial proceeds from this print will go to Women for Women International.