• Image of March One to One Love Fest Session

Sometimes we all need a little push and accountability to finish or even start the project of our dreams.

I'm offering one-to-one feedback sessions in the month of March to offer you a sense of accountability and support your work by helping you strengthen your stories and ideas through conversation about where you want to go!

I will look at your work, discuss editing and pacing and we'll take a deeper dive into what will bring your project from good to great!

I can point you to inspiration and resources that can help push you along and of course offer boundless enthusiasm and encouragement for your project!

One 50 minute session - $120
Two 50 minute One-to-One Feedback Sessions Spaced 2 weeks apart) is $200 (save $20)

Space is limited to 6 in March

Email me if you'd like to pay via Venmo (preferred) for more info on times and dates we'll get to work!

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