Bonbon Oiseau

Infamous Heart Fobs


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  • Anchor Heart Fob
  • Skull & Crossbone Heart Fob
  • Crown Heart Fob
  • Lucky Horseshoe Heart Fob
  • Lonestar Heart Fob
  • Skeleton Key Heart Fob
  • Bee Heart Fob

These are the key fobs we've been making for years and that people keep loving with all their hearts.

Solid brass fobs modeled after vintage stock and made in the USA with a spring-loaded ring, finished in our studio in NYC, and stamped with our makers mark "BON".

The beautiful secret of these isn't just the spirit animals and iconic motifs or the fact that they class up your keys--they do--it's the way the cool weight of the brass fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and in your pocket or bag and for some reason just make your keys really easy to find and your heart feel really good.

Measures two inches by one inch.