• Image of A Little Courage

The desert at night is a theme I always come back to. As an animal myself, I always imagine the courage of other animals, other people, surviving in the places they find themselves. Here I've applied the word courage to the painting in case you think the rabbit is simply frightened. I think you can be afraid and brave at the same time, one can define the other and remembering this might help. We are all many things at once.

Limited edition of 15 8.5 x 12" Giclée Print on Archival Canson Arches Watercolor Paper.
I'm also offering the original, 9" x 12" gouache, watercolor and ink on Stonehenge Watercolor Paper.

Partial proceeds from the sale of this work will go toward Women for Women International, working with marginalized women in countries of conflict, providing support, education and training programs to empower them both socially and economically.

Please allow 5-10 days for shipping.