Bonbon Oiseau

Wave Necklace



Someone remarked this was like an unearthed treasure, whose high-level of design and aesthetic is strong, it's symmetry implied and whose boldness is still understated, this sits like a chest plate, a round of rare turn-of-the-century glass beads in shades of soft pink, dusky lilac, ivory sit beautifully across the chest, matte round "plates" of piano key black at the neck. Rare beads from turn-of-the-century France and old Bohemia with a vintage silver "coin" from Afghanistan that trails at the nape of your neck at the clasp.

-21 inch round Chestplate (extends to 22 inches), handmade in my NYC workshop.
-Limited Edition runs.
-Small-Run, Limited Edition pieces (that come with discounts if you want more than one!), made with rare early 20th c. beads from Europe, Africa and Afghanistan, a percentage of the sales from this collection will be sent to support the American Civil Liberties Union.
-Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

The Bonbon Story
I've been drawn to antique and vintage beads for as long as I can remember, collecting and culling from American trading posts to dusty French ateliers and markets. Antique beads are humble magical little things to me, evocative, alluring, sexy, hopeful. They are a connection to the imaginations, thought processes and careful workmanship of the hearts and hands of the past. They are the inspiration to create something new from something very old, to cherish all over again, to love and keep or love and share.